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ATMOS Protection Line

Barrier betweend User and Patient without restricting the User's view

In everyday contact with patients and especially during medical treatments, the necessary safety distance between all those involved can often not be maintained. Precautionary measures that can be implemented easily and without great financial expense can help. The ATMOS Protection Shields form a transparent barrier between the user and the patient without blocking the user’s view.

ATMOS Protection Line – Product Overview


ATMOS Headpiece Professional

The ATMOS Headpiece Professional has all the advantages of the standard version and offers added comfort and greater freedom of movement. Due to the special mounting system on this headpiece, the ATMOS Protection Shield Professional maintains an optimum distance to the face and can be flipped up if needed.

ATMOS Headpiece

Together with the ATMOS Protection Shield, the individually adjustable headpiece offers the user simple but effective protection. The headpiece is reusable: the mounting strap is machine washable and the headpiece can be wipe disinfected.

ATMOS Protection Line - Product Overview

Protection Shields for devices


With the ATMOS HL 21 LED, users have a cordless headlamp with supreme light intensity and a long battery life at their disposal. It can be expanded to include a transparent visor by means of the matching ATMOS Protection Shields. They can be easily secured to the headpiece of the headlamp.

ATMOS i View Protection Shield

The transparent ATMOS i View Protection Shields can be mounted easily and quickly to the lens tube of the ATMOS i View. They thus form a barrier between the user and the patient without blocking the user’s view.

ATMOS Endoscopy Protection Shield

The transparent ATMOS Endoscopy Protection Shields can be attached to rigid endoscopes that have a diameter between 4 mm and 12 mm. During endoscopy, they thus form a barrier between the user and patient without blocking the user’s view.

Notes: The ATMOS Protection Shield is not an approved medical device. It is not guaranteed to block the transmission of viral pathogens, reduce the risk of disease infection or prevent any disease.


  • Ergonomic headpiece
  • Padded on the forehead and the back of the head
  • Comfortable the whole day long
  • Individually adjustable size


  • Replaceable transparent protective shield
  • Shield can be wipe disinfected
  • Machine washable strap for mounting the ATMOS Protection Shield


    The ATMOS Protection Shields as transparent face visors are for suitable everyone, especially for healthcare workers. The ATMOS Protection Shields for devices are suitable specifically for users of the corresponding devices, such as equipment utilized in ENT medicine.
    All ATMOS Protection Shields are intended for single use only. Reprocessing of the ATMOS Protection Shields has not been tested. The ATMOS Headpieces can be wipe disinfected. The mounting strap is machine washable.


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